Welcome to the Foundationize WordPress Starter theme featuring Foundation 6.

For more info on configurations, please see the Foundationize WordPress theme homepage.

Once you’ve exhausted the fun in this document, you should check out:

Foundation Documentation

Everything you need to know about using the framework.

Foundation Code Skills

These online courses offer you a chance to better understand how Foundation works and how you can master it to create awesome projects.

Foundation Forum

Join the Foundation community to ask a question or show off your knowlege.

Foundation on Github

Latest code, issue reports, feature requests and more.


Ping us on Twitter if you have questions. When you build something with this we’d love to see it (and send you a totally boss sticker).

Here’s your basic grid:

This is a twelve column section in a row. Each of these includes a div.callout element so you can see where the columns are – it’s not required at all for the grid.

Six columns

Six columns

Four columns

Four columns

Four columns


Try one of these buttons:

Simple button

Success button

Alert button

Secondary button

So many components, girl!

A whole kitchen sink of goodies comes with Foundation. Check out the docs to see them all, along with details on making them your own.

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